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Fifteen years later, returning to Gainesville, Florida, Dan revisited the process of casting paper to produce paper sculptures. He enjoys the idea that the method uses discarded museum board, the Cadillac of pulp, so he uses material that normally would be thrown away. Paper sculpture also intrigues the engineer in him with the process of piecing together separate cast paper pieces to create a short story.


After completing the paper sculpture, he finds it necessary to hang the piece for over a month to see the effects of gravity upon the work. This reveals any weaknesses of the sculpture and enables him to stabilize and strengthen the final piece.





To see a selection of Dan's paper sculpture, please visit his paper sculpture gallery.










acrylic painting



All Dan Rountree paintings are acrylic wash on paper.


Years ago, while was working at H. R. Meininger Co., the company received a shipment of Arches watercolor paper that had not been sized. Without sizing (a gelatin coating) watercolors would not bind to the paper correctly rendering it unusable for watercolors.


Being an acrylic painter the paper was perfect for the acrylic washes that Dan favored. Also being 1/3 the original price he cleaned out his bank account to buy the complete shipment.

 Castillo da San Marcos

Many pigments turn chalky when mixed with white. However, if the white of the paper is allowed to show through the transparent colors, he is able to retain the original brilliance of the pigment. Also by glazing complimentary colors over each other, such as green over red or orange over blue, he creates neutral tones that seem to dance more than when just adding or painting with gray.


To see a selection of Dan's acrylic paintings on this unique paper, please visit his paintings gallery.












Dan's introduction to still photography was at the University of Florida. Being privileged to study with Jerry Uelsmann, Todd Walker and Doug Prince.


Japhu Spring, Rum Island



To see a selection of Dan's photography,

please visit his photography gallery.



To learn more about Dan Rountree, himself, please see his Artist's Statement, where he speaks in more detail about the inspiration for all of his art, including cast paper sculpture, acrylic painting and photography.



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